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Buy this ProductAC Shiners Balsa Wood Series $ 9.99
The A.C. Shiners, (Action Certified),illustrated below are of Balsa Construction. From the mighty 00 to the 200 they are very effective fish takers. From their life-like appearance and flash to their hand tuning these lures can't be beat.

Due to the normal variations in wood and the handmade nature of these lures, sizes and weights in the following chart are approximate.

  • 00 4", 1/2 oz, Medium Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Sunfish Finish
  • 200 2", 1/8 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Silver/Gray Back.
  • 280 2.75", 1/5 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Gold/Black Back
  • 250 2.5", 1/10 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Black
  • 375 3.75", 1/4 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in White/Orange Belly
  • 450 4.5", 1/4 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Gold Perch/Orange Belly
  • 550 5.5", 1/3 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Silver/Blue Back
  • 300 3", 1/8 oz, Shallow Runner. Floats at rest. Shown in Silver/Black Back
  • 300C 3", 1/6 oz, Same as 300 but thicker and heavier. Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductAmbush Lures Buzz-a-Long $ 6.99
    Introducing the new topwater buzzbait designed from the patented Ambush titanium action technology. The Buzz-a-Long is an in-line buzzbait with a buzz blade located between the head and tail section of the lure. The buzz blade and the head slide on a medical grade titanium wire shaft to maximize a thow’n water action. Now there’s a buzzbait on the market that enables fisherman to have instant buzzbait action as soon as the lure hits the water with a water ripp’n sound. Rod tip down hard and you can get this lure to dart just like a wounded baitfish with a buzzbait splash. Twitch it and you can create a water spit like a minnow sputtering across the water. Size: 1/2 oz Click to Buy


    Buy this ProductBagley B Flat II & Coffin Lip Series $ 6.49
    A Bagley classic returns! The B Flat II resembles the ever popular Kill'r B, but that's as far as it goes. It's flat on both sides and 1/2" thick with wobbling action. A fast rise with a great fish attracting silhouette. This is a true tournament lure. 5/16 oz in weight. 2.25" long. Dives 0-3 feet. Click to Buy


    Buy this ProductBagley Baitfish $ 5.99
    After years of designing and testing, Bagley is proud to introduce its first injected series in 28 years. The Bagley craftsmen have created this lipless bait to produce one of the loudest rattles combined with the famous Bagley wobble action. Don't let the low proce fool you, the Bagley Baitfish not only looks good, but will catch more fish. Bagley Craftmanship at an ecominical price.
  • BTGB14 1/4 oz, 2", sinking
  • BTGB12 1/2 oz, 3", sinking Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBagley Bang-O-Lure Series $ 6.99
    A long-time favorite of anglers, the Bang-O-Lure is one of the most effective stickbaits around. It mimics a baitfish as it shimmers under the water or is ripped over shallow structure where predator fish lurk. Or, use it with a stop-and-go retrieve. Like all Bagley balsa wood lures, each is painstakingly crafted by hand. The balsa wood lends a natural suspending action in either freshwater or saltwater. And it gives you extra hook-setting power, thanks to the Stainless Steel Wire Chasis. This wire-through construction runs from the nose to the tail, creating a single line of power for solid hooksets every time. The Bang-O-Lure also is available with a spinning tail for even more action.

    Available Models

  • B5 5.25" long, no spinner, dives 0 - 1.5', 3/8 oz
  • SP-5 5.25" long, with tail spinner, dives 0 - 1.5', 3/8 oz
  • TS5 5.25" long, with front and tail spinner, dives 0 - 1.5', 3/8 oz
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    Buy this ProductBagley Finger Mullet and Jumping Mullet $ 5.79
    The mullet has served as the most elemental food for bigger saltwater gamefish. bagley's all hardwood mullet captures the natural primal action, contour, and color of these baitfish in realistic detail. The jumping mullet has a "tail weight" system that allows the nose to break the water's surface in a jumping motion when the rod tip is sharply twitched from left to right. The finger mullets are weighted for sinking action. The holographic flash finish and realistic 3-D eyes provides a realism unequaled in today's fishing lures.

    The new Magnum Finger is 4" long, 11/16 oz. Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBill Lewis 2000 Series Rat-L-Trap $ 5.59
    New for the millennium, the 2000 Series, the most dynamic Rat-L-Trap ever produced. Realistic scale patterns make this Trap so life-like, it jumps in the box. The new 2000 Series comes with advanced Eagle Claw Kahle treble hooks with Nickel TEFLON coating. It's the sharpest hook ever put on a Rat-L-Trap. The Kahle design makes it almost impossible for a fish to throw the hook.

    Weight: 1/2 oz.
    Length: 3
    Front Hooks: #4
    Back Hooks: #6
    Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBill Lewis Original Rat-L-Trap 1/2 oz $ 3.99
    The Original Rat-L-Trap started the evolution of Sound Fishing TM and has since then turned the entire fishing industry on its ear. No one has been able to duplicate or replicate its ability to catch fish day in and day out. The Rat-L-Trap has earned its place in history as the most productive lure ever sold. It's versatility and effectiveness is unmatched. Field & Stream Magazine named it as one of the "Best Lures In World." Bleeding Craw colors (390, 391, 392, 393) have bright red treble hooks
    Click here to view all Bill Lewis color choices

    Weight: 1/2 oz.
    Length: 3
                                       Front Hooks: #4
                                       Back Hooks: #6
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                                        Buy this ProductBill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Mag-Trap 3/4 oz. $ 4.49
    The Magnum size is perfect when fish target larger slower moving prey. This happens often in early pre-spawn and fall/winter conditions when water temperatures are low and fish don't want to expend too much energy to feed. A slow steady retrieve is recommended when using larger lures.

    Click here to view all Bill Lewis color choices

    Weight: 3/4 oz.
    Length: 3 1/2
                                       Front Hooks: #2
                                       Back Hooks: #2
    Click to Buy

    Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Magnum Force 1 oz $ 5.99
    The Magnum Force has all the same fish calling sound that made the Rat-L-Trap famous. Great for big trophy gamefish . . . fresh or saltwater. Comes with strong 4x hooks and stainless super-strong split rings.

    Weight: 1 oz.
    Length: 4
    Front Hooks: #1/0 4X
    Back Hooks: #1/0 4X
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    Buy this ProductBill Lewis Rat-L-Trap Mini-Trap 1/4 oz. $ 3.99
    Down sizing your lure may be the ticket when fish are chasing smaller shad or prey. The Mini-Trap is perfect for shallow clear water and bait fish are running a little skittish. Ideal for casting into schools of shad working along the surface. Great for largemouth, smallmouth, whitebass, and many saltwater species. Length: 2 1/2" - Front Hooks: #4 - Back Hooks: #6

    Bleeding Craw colors (390, 391, 392, 393) have bright red treble hooks
    Click here to view all Bill Lewis color choices

    Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBomber A-Salt Bomber (146A) $ 5.99
    Bomber A-Salt lures are built with a super-strong body design, hook hangers, two super-sized hooks, and split rings that will hold up to every species of fish. With realistic gills and 3-D fish eyes, Bomber A-Salt fishing lures are particularly good for striped bass and bluefish. 5 3/4", 14.6 cm, 1oz, 26g, #1/0 hooks, 2-4' cranking depth. Click to Buy



    Buy this ProductBomber Balsa Model B Crankbait $ 9.99
    Veteran crankbait specialists cherish the unique qualities of balsa wood, but most would be quick to admit that they’ve typically had to go though a dozen ore more of the same crankbait to find one that would run true.
    No more. Built with Bomber’s exclusive Tru-Trak system, a one-piece polycarbonate paddle and frame that runs through the entire body and connects to the hook hangers, every Balsa Model B runs true right out of the package, and hook hangers will not fail. Because they are constructed from wood, however, these wide-swinging shallow-running crankbaits are ultra buoyant and offer the fish-catching action of old-fashioned balsa baits. XCalibur Tx3 hooks with VMC InLine Technology ensure that fish get hooked and stay hooked. The Bomber Balsa Model B is 2.5 inches long and weighs 1/2 ounce and is available in 10 colors. Model: BB5SL Click to Buy 


    Buy this ProductBomber Fat A $ 3.99
    The Bomber Fat “A” Series of fishing lures is designed to deliver a buoyancy characteristic equal to or greater than wooden crankbaits. The “fatter,” more buoyant body design also provides more internal space for additional ultra-sound rattles, making the Fat “A” Series the loudest among similarly sized crankbaits. Great bass fishing lures.
  • BO3F: 1.25", 1/8 oz
  • BO4F: 1.5", 1/5 oz
  • BO5F: 2", 3/8 oz
  • B06F: 2.25", 5/8 oz
    Click to Buy
  • Buy this ProductBomber Fat Free Shad Series Crankbaits $ 4.99
    The Fat Free Shad's flat-sided design is unique to deep running lures... providing easy control and almost effortless retrieves. Fat Free Shads feature kick-out paddles that "kick out" of hang-ups and work through cover, this is a major advantage over any other deep diving crankbait. Add an enticing action and life-like reflective finish enhanced by realistic 3-D eyes and Excalibur Tx3 Rotating Treble hooks and you have the premier deep-diving crankbait on the market.

    BD7F Fat Free Shad
    Cranking depth 14-18 ft. A Bassmaster Classic victory and over a million dollars in prize money doesn't happen by accident. When introduced, this flat sided deep runner completely renovated the hard bait market. With an enticing tight action, Fat Free Shad was responsive with an ease of retrieve never before seen in a bait of its size and running depth. With Excalibur Tx3 Rotating Treble Hooks and brilliant new finishes, this is the premier deep-diving crankbait on the market. The BD7F measures 3 inches. 3/4 ounce. Has #2 Tx3 hooks.

    BD6F Fat Free Shad Jr.
    Cranking depth: Floating 8-14 ft. The Fat Free Shad Jr. is one of the most utilized lures of professional anglers because it operates in depths (8-14 ft.) that big fish are often found. The Fat Free Shad Jr. has great castability, a tight wiggle and a pulsating vibration that is unmatched for its size. Much like its bigger brother, the Fat Free Shad, the Fat Free Shad Jr. has become a staple of crankbait fishermen everywhere. 2 1/2", 1/2oz

    BD5F Fat Free Shad Fingerling
    Cranking depth: Floating 8-10 ft. The 2 inch Fat Free Fingerling is just the right size for most crankbait situations. This lure is winning bass tournaments across the country and has established itself as a multi-species fish catcher. The Fingerling, available in floating and suspending models covers water in the 8 to 10 foot range. Like all Fat Free Shads, the Fingerling features a kick-out paddle, a tight waddle and Excalibur Rotating Treble Hooks. 2 inches, 3/8 oz

    BD4F Fat Free Fry
    The Fat Free Fry is the perfect crankbait choice when the average size of shad and other baitfish are smaller than two inches. The new two-inch Fry weighs 1/4 ounce and will dive to six feet. The Fry will also be a good fishing lure to use around cover as it features the Fat Free Shad’s exclusive kick-out paddles, which reduce hangups. Each Fat Free Fry will be equipped with two No. 6 Excalibur Rotating Treble Hooks and realistic eyes. Superb for white bass and bass fishing. Click to Buy

    Teak Benches

    Jigs & Plastics

    Buy this ProductBass Assassin Eel Assassin $ 3.49
    The eel, found in coastal waters, is a key, natural food source for trout, redfish, stripers and flounder. Though seldom talked about, the eel is just as alluring as the shrimp to these and other saltwater fish. Just like it's brother, the Shad Assassin, this lure will become a very productive lure for any inshore fisherman. 5" long, 10 per pack. Click to Buy




                                      Bass AssaBuy this Productssin Jigheads $ 3.75
    These 3/4 oz. jigheads are made with 8/0 Mustad Wide Gap Needlepoint hooks. These heavy duty jigheads feature a lifelike head that gives the illusion of a real bait fish. 2 per pack. Click to Buy
    Bass Assassin Saltwater Shads $ 3.99


    Buy this Product

    The Shad Assassin has proven to be as deadly in saltwater as it is in freshwater. The Saltwater Shad Assassin has become one of the most popular lures for gamefish; redfish and trout absolutely love this bait...and the best kept secret on the Gulf Coast of Florida is the Saltwater Shad for catching Snook! Tarpon, flounder, dolphin, stripers- you name it, the Saltwater Shad Assassin is one of the most productive lures on the market today. 5" long, 10 per pack. Click to Buy Bass Assassin Shad Assassins $ 3.99



                   Buy this Product                   

    The Shad Assassin series was designed for all types of freshwater fish. These lures have proven themselves to be the finest soft plastic lures available on the market today. Bass, crappie, trout; whatever you are fishing for, the Shad Assassin series gets results. Available in 3" (15 per pack) and 5" (10 per pack). Click to Buy

    Spinnerbaits & Buzzbaits

    Buy this ProductBlue Fox Flash Spinners $ 2.29
    30 degree Deep depth blade runs 4' to 5'. Laser holographic blade and body finish creates "flash" with this torpedo designed to go deep.
  • BFFS1 Size 1, 1/8 oz
  • BFFS2 Size 2, 3/16 oz Click to Buy

    Buy this ProductBlue Fox Super Vibrax Painted Spinners $ 2.99
    45 degree mid depth bladed that runs 2' to 4'. Not many lures can claim to catch almost any fish that swims in fresh water. But Super Vibrax Spinners always have and always will. The flash and action of these lures is truly legendary. Priced per each Click to Buy



    Buy this ProductBlue Fox Vibrax Minnow Spin $ 3.99
    The tight action of the balsa wood body combined with the enticing flash of an in-line spinner makes this a very effective combonation. Click to Buy